Cost Per Install

Accelerate your app growth with marketing campaigns on a CPI risk-free model, with a guaranteed
ROI goal. Stop wasting your budget, start investing in engaged users at scale!

Experts of In-app traffic campaigns, we give you full transparency on the placement of your ads, achieving scale at a low cost. Also experts in Facebook, TikTok, Google Ads, Apple Search Ads, Snapchat. Our Well skilled experts activate & operate the best performing channels for helping to reach your target. And thanks to premium prediction technology, they will maximize your Return On Ad spending.

Vaidpure Cash offers a risk-free CPI(Cost per install) model!
Pay for engaged users only, don’t waste your budget on downloads that will not convert to actions.
Powerful Automated Optimizations. Share with us your CPI goals, we will automatize our optimizations to reach the most efficient results, in a fraud-free environment. We have the mastership of the best advertising channels to boost your app growth. Enjoy the effectiveness of working with UA experts having a strong Client Service & ROI orientation.
This is how we do it:

Selection of the most relevant media channels: In-app traffic, native ads, Google Ads, Apple Search

Ads, Social networks, influencers traffic, etc. Integration with your MMP: We are pre-integrated with

all the tracking platforms of the market, to ensure a quick and efficient technical integration

Campaigns launch: We validate your CPI goals, enter them into our system to generate automated

optimizations to allow the best results, with a strong focus on performance, engagement & ROI. We

launch the campaign within your budget and cap, giving you full transparency on the apps where

your ad is being displayed

Guaranteed ROI: We operate daily checks on top of our in-house technology allowing automated

optimizations. We report back to your team at the desired frequency (daily, weekly, monthly). With

a strong focus on ROI achievement!

Fraud-free environment: Our in-house technology is also applying a strong control over fraud, with

more than 30 data points analyzed in real-time, to ensure a powerful fraud eviction.


Zero in on making significant substance

The important substance is essential for acquiring changes. Assuming you need to procure transformations, you should convey content that lines up with your crowds’ advantages. This is the place where crowd division helps your business. At the point when you fragment your crowd, you can sort out what content requests the most to them. It permits you to convey a fitting message to your crowd. Only one out of every odd individual from your crowd needs the same thing from your business. An apparel store takes into account various kinds of individuals past men, ladies, and youngsters. They appeal to moms, fathers, grandparents, youthful experts, young people, and that’s just the beginning. If an attire store sent one advertising message to all ladies intrigued by their apparel, it wouldn’t create the best outcomes. Then again, sectioning those ladies by their professional status, family status, or conjugal status would assist with conveying a more applicable message to every one of
those gatherings. A youthful, single proficient lady wouldn’t have any desire to see advertisements for kids’ clothing, however, a wedded mother with two youngsters would be keen on that promotion. Even though
they’re the two ladies, they have separate interests with an apparel organization. Fragment your crowd by these distinctions to convey more applicable substance. Significant substance prompts expanded commitment. Your crowd is bound to interface with your substance if it lines up with their necessities.

Use remarketing

Remarketing is an incredible way of getting prompts to convert. In some cases, individuals will see your promotions and take an interest, yet they simply don’t act. A remarketed advertisement can assist them with changing over into a client. These advertisements cost very little to run and are incredibly compelling. At the point when individuals see commented promotions, they ponder purchasing your items or utilizing your administrations once more. Ordinarily, it is the last push they need to change over. Remarketed promotions assist your business with procuring changes. More changes imply that you bring down your CPI. Remarketed advertisements will assist you with lessening your CPI to create again.
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At the point when you run your publicizing efforts, you should screen your CPI. Assuming you need to acquire a benefit, you want to keep your CPI low. At Vaidpure Cash, we have the information and aptitude to carry out methodologies to minimize your expenses and increment your benefit.

We have a group of 300+ specialists that will carry their insight and mastery to your mission. With over 20 years of involvement, we realize how to further develop your promoting efforts to drive better outcomes. As a full-administration advanced promoting organization, we spend significant time in strategies like PPC publicizing and web-based media advertising and have experience making fruitful missions.

Assuming you need an organization that drives results, look no further. Until now, we’ve rolled more than billion in deals and over millions leads for our customers. We center around driving accomplishment for our customers first.

Our customers love the work we accomplish for their missions. We have thousands of customer tributes that address the work we accomplish for them. Assuming you need to realize what it resembles to collaborate with a top PPC organization like Vaidpure Cash, look at them!

Further, develop your CPI today At the point when you work on your CPI, you help your business create a superior gain. In case you’re prepared to begin procuring more important leads for your business, reach us on the web or contact us today to talk with a tactician.

We anticipate assisting your business with fast growth. And finally, we would like to suggest you choose our CPI(Cost per Install) plan for the best result.