Do you really want to feel the happiness! Help poors!


Yes. To help the poor’s and to empower ladies and children was the one of the aim of Vaidpure cash at the beginning of its foundation. In India, poor malnourished and deprived of education children are present in many places in huge count. Even today the ladies here are not conscious of their rights. Many unmarried girls are unmarried due to lack of money in the backward areas. Many married women are also victims of harassment and many pregnant women have lost their untimely life due to not getting better treatment on time. You can help them by choosing Vaidpure Cash services as it contributes 5 % of the profit to Charity. Our goal is to set India free from poverty, malnourishment. Just be a part of this campaign and help Vaidpure Cash to fight against poverty.


Be a part of this charity act and feel proud by activating any of plans or service from Vaidpure Cash. Let’s make someone happy or let save someone’s life. Please join us.. and make the world better.


Along with feeling good in life, bringing a life out of darkness into the light is always a good deal. Who will take the responsibility of these backward, uneducated, malnourished and sick people? You and I.


Let’s do something good and make people’s lives better.


Choose Vaidpure Cash and spread happiness!

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