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Make your dreams come true- Start work from home today!

Are you looking for a part time job? Or you are in search of a home based job. Maybe you are searching for a job platform where you can earn money from home while enjoying. Now get ready and your dream job is on your step as Vaidpure Cash offers you the same whatever job you are seeking for. This home-based job opportunity can be mile stone of your successful career. Whether you are a student or housewife you always think of your part time earning and now Vaidpure cash gives you opportunity while you are learning.


How can I earn with Vaidpure Cash?

Just download our Vaidpure Cash app from google play store and start your home based job today.


Does Vaidpure Cash Charge any joining fees?


No, it is completely free to join.


What would I have to do?


After installing your app into your mobile phone, just sign up the registration form, create your user login id and start working.


What would be the task?

Each registered user would get some tasks each day. E.g. watching youtube videos, subscribing youtube channels, like youtube videos, like facebook page, follow Instagram profiles, follow telegram channels or by clicking the links provided as your daily task.


How I would be paid?

For each task completed you will be rewarded some amount directly into your account which you can withdraw from your bank account.


What is the eligibility criteria to join this work from program conducted by Vaidpure Cash?


No criteria. Anyone can join this home based job by installing our app and starts working.


Does any experience required to join Vaidpure Cash?

No prior experience required to join Vaidpure Cash.


When can I work day time or night time?


You can finish your tasks from anywhere and antime.


So, waiting for what now. Join Vaidpure cash.